let alone understand.
2014-03-24 - 1:22 p.m.

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As a kid, you play 'guns' and 'war'.

At least, as an American, I'm sure many do.

Patriotism is glorified. Our soldiers are practically deified anymore.

To die for your country is held in such honor.

And, anymore, as I grow old and older,

I grow tired of war,

Of war movies,

the glorification of violence

simple, stupid violence,

I want to say, "There is no heroism there,

only brute strength,

the strong forcing its will on the weak,

slaughter to no point,

no rhyme or reason,

just the flowing of blood,

and dollar bills."

But no one will listen.

They repeat the pledge of allegiance,

rote, unthinking, unseeing,

trusting their leaders,

their country above all,

and dissidence is seen as treason, still.

Even after they led us down a bloody road, lie after lie.

I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of the glorification of violence.

The glorification of war and the idiotic sacrifices of so many families to a mindless meat-grinder of humanity.

I want to say, "This is all we have, don't you see? This world, one world, one planet, one people...this is it...this is all you have, and you're ruining it, with rivers of pollution and oceans of blood, conflicts fought over nothing, vanity and the pompous will of those that enslave us. THIS IS ALL WE HAVE."

But I don't think anyone will listen,

let alone understand.

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