Sphincter Sphinx
2016-04-20 - 2:44 p.m.

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Some people are broken, toxic, and malignant.

There's really nothing you can do but avoid them in life. They are miserable, do not wish to be helped, and, in fact, like being miserable.

Their goal is to make you miserable, too.

Don't let them.

Stay true to yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself and love others.

And if someone is destined to be an asshat the whole way through life, well, swat them on the ass with a straw hat and bid them farewell.

Or just put up walls and fade out.

Because that's literally all you can do with some people.

There is no recourse.

I'm going to put on a pot of coffee and call a deputy prosecutor because my client is an asshole.

I know, I'm supposed to write about that spirit in the forest I saw, but I'm not in the fucking mood.

I'm just not happy. And too many assholes want to suck my fucking happiness right out of my heart through my sphincter.

Sometimes the best thing to do is let go.

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