2014-09-03 - 9:32 p.m.

strangely non-functional guestbook

So, here I am...shitposting my own diary.

This will not be a good entry.

I am typing this on a blue tooth keyboard via an iPad. Technology I'd maybe not even thought of when this diary started. Then again, maybe I thought of it, in a fantastical sense...detached keyboards and somewhat ephemeral screens...idk

The keyboard is cramped, but functional.

I packed light for my trip up north. I scampered out of town on my 1981 Honda 900 CB. I fixed that fucker by hand, and have been over every inch of that creature. She is reliable, strong. Fast.

Still, its tough to shake that feeling that...this might be the last ride for her. Or for me. Good lord, who knows. I could be a grease spot on my ride home.

With the bike, though, I mean, its...what...33 years old. Its never let me down, and I cant say that initially I was a good owner. Still, like a tank, she went forward. Now, I baby the hell out of it.

I got it for a steal. Saw it on criagslist for 1100. I went out to the country where I met an odd couple. The guy was a little seedy looking, and the woman seemed a bit wild. No idea what the real story with those two were. He encouraged me to get on and go for a test ride, and it was love.

Anyway, they dropped the price to 900 without me saying a thing. Obviously, the price was going to drop further.

And it did. I kicked the tires and feigned disinterest.

"Would you take 750?" I asked.

There was a long, palpable pause as they looked at each other.

And a deal was struck.

This keyboard is cramped as fuck. Typing numbers takes me out of my flow. Flow is important. Flow is the key to life.

Shit posting my own diary.

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