depressed and adrift
2016-09-07 - 1:45 p.m.

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So, my grandpa died.

92 years old. He was my pal.

He had just survived brain surgery a few weeks before.

Then he put a bullet in his head. At 92.

I knew he had bought a gun about a year before this. I was probably the only one he told. We had a conversation about it at the time, but the thought that he would ever do this ran so counter to what I thought were his core values, that I dismissed the likelihood of this happening out of hand.

He was an elder at his church, for god's sake.

I delivered the eulogy. The church wouldn't allow a regular funeral service. Assholes.

And then I got a copy of the original will, and the new will.

Come to find out that my Aunt has basically weaseled the entire inheritance. Fucked me and my brother over royally. Shit on my dad's grave, basically.

I've pretty much been depressed and a-drift since then.

I'd rather not go to court about my aunt, but I will have to. It will likely be akin to taking a match to everything in regards to an inheritance. Instead of next-to-nothing, I will get nothing, as it will all go to attorney fees.

On the plus side, I won't have to do Thanksgiving or Christmas with her and her family.

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